Getting Your First Honey Bees

Getting your first bees can be a very exciting experience. Before you do it's important that you are ready for their arrival. There are a few basic tools that will need: Hive tool - The hive tool is the main tool for working in the hive. It is used to manipulate the frames and the hive boxes. There are a few different styles but you should begin with the basic style tool. Smoker - The smoker is used to calm the bees when you are working in the hive. Purchase a full size quality smoker that will last for a long time. You will need fuel for the smoker. Pine needles are ideal. Bee brush - This is an optional basic tool. It is used to move the bees when working the hive but you may find it

Types of Honey Bees

While there is only one species of honeybee in North America, there are several races of honey bee. In reality, most honeybees in our area are a mix of several races (mutts) since the Queen bee can mate with drones of different races during her mating flight. Although all honeybees pollinate, eat pollen and nectar and sting as a defensive act, the races have subtle differences. The Italian honey bee is the most common honeybee and the one most often kept by beekeepers. The lightly colored bee builds the colony in the spring and maintains the large population through the summer. They are among the best honey producers. Because they have large populations, they need large stores of food to

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