Are small cell bees better?

Do small cell bees help with mite control? Are large cell bees more productive? This is an on-going controversy among beekeepers. Until the late 1800s honeybees in Britain and Ireland were raised in brood cells of about 5.0 mm width. By the 1920s this had increased to crica 5.5 mm. In the late 1800s, A.I.Root, founder of Dadant, first made wax foundation. It was approximately 5.1 mm. Later he introduced an even smaller 4.9mm size. In the early 1900s it common thinking that the size of the bees could be affected by changing the foundation cell size. It was also theorized a larger bee would be more productive. So, companies began producing wax with larger cell grids (5.4mm), what are now

Installing a New Queen

Before you install a new queen, it is important to determine why a new queen is necessary. Upon checking the hive the old queen is missing. Did the hive swarm? Are you doing a split? Is the hive temperamental or the laying pattern scattered? When introducing a new queen, it is important to follow some simple steps. You must determine if there are any potential reasons why the hive might reject a new queen. A very simple test is the “wipe test”. Place the new queen on top of the frames of the hive. Wait 5-10 minutes until the bees have discovered her and they have gathered on the queen cage. Wipe your finger across the cage to remove the bees. If they are easily removed it is a good i

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