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Sweet Clover Nectar

Sweet Clover Nectar

Clover blooms throughout North America and is a favorite source of nectar for honeybees. Warm wet weather during the blooming period, particularly with warm nights like we have been experiencing tends to increase the nectar production and the crop may be expected to be large. White clover was the most prevalent in middle America though the crop has been impacted by modern agriculture crop rotations. One variety (sweet honey) has a much larger concentration of sugar in its nectar than typical plants. It takes fewer trips for the bees which allows them to build their honey stores much faster.

Clover honey has a pale amber to almost white color. It has a subtle flavor with a grassy floral scent. It is difficult to find pure clover honey as the bees may choose to visit other flowers in the day. Most of the clover honey sold commercially is actually a blend of several honeys with clover being the primary nectar source.

Many people suggest buying honey from local sources because it is less likely to be blended. It is also less likely to be heavily filtered. That may help retain some of the natural benefits of eating raw honey. Clover honey is one of the most popular flavors for consumers and one of the less expensive choices today.


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