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Where's the Bee-f?

I know, Bees don't need beef, but they do need protein and pollen fills the bill. Nectar is the energy source for bees and it is the primary ingredient for honey. Nectar or sugar syrup is carbohydrates for bees and most eveyone feeds sugar syrup at least part of the year. Pollen is not used in honey production but without pollen there would not be any honey. In fact, there wouldn't be any bees at all. Pollen is used to feed baby bees and it is vital for the health of the hive. Most everyone feeds sugar syrup to supplement the honeybees need for energy, particularly during a dearth. But the bees also need an additional source of pollen. It is particularly important in the late summer and early fall as the colony needs to raise their winter bees. Without pollen or their protein source, the queen will slow or stop laying putting the hive in jeopardy for the winter. This picture shows a simple feeder that can be used to provide a pollen substitute. It is made of simple items that can be purchased at most building and plumbing supply stores. If the bees have a natural source for pollen, they will ignore the substitute. But when the natural source is gone, the bees will consume an amazing amount of the pollen substitute.

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